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Late summer has me craving soft fabric with grand poetry.  Once the 4th of July has passed, it’s over for harsh, bright and loud.  With my mind and body traveling to luxurious destinations near and far, I want my wardrobe to transport beautifully and feel decadent upon arrival.  Goddess level softness from every angle is my current obsession and it’s all I’m shopping for at the moment.  It will carry me through the summer and peak during the golden days of September, then double back for my holiday to Tulum, Mexico come December.  A soft edge with romance and drama amply laced with mystery is the look.

How To Dress Like Indie California Dreamers


You don’t have to be from California or even the west coast to enjoy a free spirited, dreamy look with pastel colors, soft edges and quirky creativity.  Lovers of yoga, farm-to-table goodness and all things esoteric unite this season as the look is more seductive than a ripe mango.  Radiating sensuality, dreamy California girls are a veritable fashion oasis in an otherwise harsh world.   I see ever more European designers emulating the Cali vibe [Isabel Marant, Pheobe Philo, Saint Laurent, Chloe, Stella McCartney] which feels like a movement toward personal freedom in bold strokes.  Their sophisticated embrace of Mother Earth is deftly combined with acceptance of urban realities–full circle fashion for a new era of liberation.

To freshen up your wardrobe with an infusion of ocean breeze, start with soft fabrics, a loose-but-still-revealing fit, and a touch of ethereal madness.  Metallic, pastel, denim, white and cotton are touchstones; natural hair and skin a must.  Accessories become contemporary art statements elevated beyond status symbols into the realm of inspired communication.  Conversation starter or tribe markers, they are logo free coming from a heartfelt place.  Think Pamela Love jewels and Lee Savage clutches.  Dree Hemmingway and Elle Fanning are today’s poster girls but blondness is not what defines the look.  In fact, there is no one physical attribute that excludes anyone from this expression–all are welcome.  Find your fashion voice (and the uniqueness of you) by stripping away masks.  Focus on authenticity without relinquishing fantasy, while stepping forward to share your inimitable self.  California dreamin’ at it’s finest.

Athletic Supermodels Are Giving Me Olympic Fever


Olympic athletes are the new heros of high fashion.  Fitness is today’s definition of beauty combining inner strength and outer excellence into a flawless image of WANT IT NOW. We’ve had fitness crazes before but this time around, it’s deep; a solid reclaim of power is at the helm and we are LEANING IN.  Nothing is more luxurious than the grace and confidence that accompanies good health and the fashion industry is collectively taking note.  I work out everyday and often find myself clad in gear. How awesome is it to feel gorgeous and fit BEFORE my workout with the ability to carry the vibe with me wherever I go?  Lucas Hugh designed by inspired Londonite Anjhe Mules is my latest obsession.  What’s your favorite workout?

Lucas Hugh

anjhe mules

Inspiration For Great Hair, Long or Short

I go to ION Studio and see Gabe for my cut and Kim for color–they never let me down.  I have baby fine hair that begs for texture.  In my fantasy, I am all long-soft-shiny like a 70’s Breck-girl commercial. In reality, Edie Campbell with her grown-out Joan Jett is my hero and current inspiration.   She has lived both versions and takes it all in unexpected stride.   As noted by hair great Eugene Souleiman “Everything is very defined in hair styling this season.  Even if it’s not precise, it’s really defined, so if it’s about messy hair, it’s intentionally fucked-up hair.  It’s not about prettiness; we’re in a time where we want women to look more ‘intelligent’.  It feels like things have really evolved from that vulgarity of over-accessorizing, lots of gold, hardware, shoes looking like cars, handbags looking like banks.  We’ve moved on, but we’re going back to something that’s more human.”  Spring 2014 celebrated individualism and beauty risks are a quick, fun shortcut to engaging personal style.  We admire people with the guts to do something adventurous.  This spring, whether it’s cut, color or the courage to go totally au naturale, let your most dependable accessory be just that.

New Beauty Winter Roundup: Something For Everyone

From regal to glam… onto sultry and fab… followed by modern, edgy and arty ~ there is a new beauty look for every face and every occasion.  Click through and pick your favorites from this season’s Fashion Week. Unfortunately application instructions not included (I wish!)  Turn to Hannah Bronfman’s brilliant new beauty app BEAUTIFIED for last-minute appointments at carefully hand-picked salons and spas or Lauren Remington Platt’s VENSETTE for genius luxury at-home service and pick up some tips from the pros.


The Indiviualist, Master of Original Personal Style


The individualist is duty bound to original creative expression.  Every pursuit, including one’s styling, is a boundary-pushing challenge.  Born with a unique point of view, weathering criticism becomes second nature to the sensitive souls who aim to tickle our emotions while stirring the pot.  Unexpected shapes, bizarro combinations, amped up accessorizing, and questionable fabrication all while the beauty is functioning as a canvas…. these are the tools of original personal style.   BE BOLD and you are off to a good start.  Study and experiment, but easy does it!  Not all on one day, or at one time.  Make a study of contemporary art and surrealism while trying hand painting (Holly Fowler), dramatic styling (Thom Browne), vivid color (Opening Ceremony|Creatures of The Wind) and loud gestures (Libertine|Givenchy.


New York’s Fast Lane, Get The Look

New York’s fashion elite moves in the fast lane.  Racy color, sharp lines, no-nonsense and good-humored, women on the fast track send a clear message — leader of the pack. Wearing Joseph Altuzarra, Prabal Gurung, Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, newcomer Rosie Assouline, sports gear star Lucas Hugh to stay in shape (a must!) plus accessories by Lee Savage and Edie Parker, I give you a taste of how it looks to be on top.



New York In The Nineties


The nineties in New York were cool.  Girls wore sexy slip dresses, matt red lips and heavy shoes with a cultivated air of independence.   The Cult was on frequent rotation and menswear touches kept it real on the street.  We wore a lot of black, being a reincarnation of the beatniks mixed with a hedonistic attitude not seen since the twenties.  Street artist Futura 2000 was reigning king and the new-born style mecca Barneys New York was a post modern dream for budding fashion stars like me.  Brave New Yorkers Wes Gordon, Marc Jacobs, Milly, Alexander Wang, Philip Lim and Jason Wu bring it back home.


Paris Closet Talk


Understated glory.  Bells and whistles are unnecessary when you’ve got a plan.  She’s on a mission.

Thank You Olay And Vogue

I am so pleased to be featured in the October issue of Vogue discussing great skin and my greatest beauty secret, exfoliation.  Thank you Olay!
Lisa von Weise Shaw, fashion stylist

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