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Delicate, Decadent Or Covered-up: How To Be A Legend

Whether functional or decorative, in today’s hyper-saturated, ultra-fragmented landscape, talking trends is pointless.  With too many possibilities available and all of it happening at once with very little history or linear chronology, consider taking comfort in the image of a legend.  You can be whomever you like, just choose gravitas, with a touch of old world thinking to relish the staying power of an icon.


That’s Cool. The Knowing Of A Peaceful Warrior


Cool is a way of life.  Self-possessed, disengaged, quietly disdainful, morally good, intellectually assured, aesthetically rewarding, physically attractive, fashionable, powerful and most of all…possessing a tolerant sense of humor while living life as performance art.  When music is cool, it’s pleasant, meditative, and without tension.  When fashion is cool, it leans toward an inner strength; a peaceful warrior of important change.   The grounded look encourages rooted thinking and has a way of making everyone else feel exaggerated by comparison.  Balancing denim, military, androgynous, beatnik, bohemian and goddess pieces carefully, with an eye towards subtlety, and with a keen sense of mystery and humor…is cool.


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Poetry In Motion ~ Literary Fashion Open For Discussion

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Late summer has me craving soft fabric with grand poetry.  Once the 4th of July has passed, it’s over for harsh, bright and loud.  With my mind and body traveling to luxurious destinations near and far, I want my wardrobe to transport beautifully and feel decadent upon arrival.  Goddess level softness from every angle is my current obsession and it’s all I’m shopping for at the moment.  It will carry me through the summer and peak during the golden days of September, then double back for my holiday to Tulum, Mexico come December.  A soft edge with romance and drama amply laced with mystery is the look.

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How To Dress Like Indie California Dreamers


You don’t have to be from California or even the west coast to enjoy a free spirited, dreamy look with pastel colors, soft edges and quirky creativity.  Lovers of yoga, farm-to-table goodness and all things esoteric unite this season as the look is more seductive than a ripe mango.  Radiating sensuality, dreamy California girls are a veritable fashion oasis in an otherwise harsh world.   I see ever more European designers emulating the Cali vibe [Isabel Marant, Pheobe Philo, Saint Laurent, Chloe, Stella McCartney] which feels like a movement toward personal freedom in bold strokes.  Their sophisticated embrace of Mother Earth is deftly combined with acceptance of urban realities–full circle fashion for a new era of liberation.

To freshen up your wardrobe with an infusion of ocean breeze, start with soft fabrics, a loose-but-still-revealing fit, and a touch of ethereal madness.  Metallic, pastel, denim, white and cotton are touchstones; natural hair and skin a must.  Accessories become contemporary art statements elevated beyond status symbols into the realm of inspired communication.  Conversation starter or tribe markers, they are logo free coming from a heartfelt place.  Think Pamela Love jewels and Lee Savage clutches.  Dree Hemmingway and Elle Fanning are today’s poster girls but blondness is not what defines the look.  In fact, there is no one physical attribute that excludes anyone from this expression–all are welcome.  Find your fashion voice (and the uniqueness of you) by stripping away masks.  Focus on authenticity without relinquishing fantasy, while stepping forward to share your inimitable self.  California dreamin’ at it’s finest.

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Update Your Closet Queue while Stretching Your Options with Clever Laugh-In Ensembles


Nothing to wear?  Stretch the options with a clever mash up of color, print and shape.  How to create a harmonious arrangement?  Start with a full dose of good humor and plenty of bravado.  Keeping the palette thematic is key, plus completing the look by carrying your concept down to the details including balancing the statement with hair and make up–or lack thereof.   Managing complex compositions is an experiment in extroverted language and not for the faint of heart.   Making people laugh or smile because your look is full of exhuberant good cheer is the goal.  To speed the process, lay all the items you are considering out on the bed to quickly see if your composition is working.  Take out what clashes, add in what amplifies.  A symphony of joy can never be wrong, and it starts with just one good note.  Accessories rule in this equation and are often enough to transform the old into new, while doubling your closet queue and transitioning seasons.


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Inspired By London|History and Cheeky Rebellion


I spent the last weekend in London at the uber fun wedding of Pippa Vosper and Nils Anden filled with love, friendship and fashion.  English style has never looked so tempting and now is the moment to dive into a lovely blend of tailoring, cheeky rebelliousness and an old-fashioned romance with history.  With top designers from every corner of the globe looking to London for inspiration, expect nods of approval all around.  Color, florals, high boots, Edwardian touches, scarves, shiny blacks, royal detailing and menswear tailoring will stylishly carry you on.



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Globetrotter|Elizabeth Gilpin

Elizabeth Gilpin

Elizabeth Gilpin gets around. After two years of working at American Vogue and a stint at Saint Laurent, she is now pursuing duel passions: art and cultural exploration. Elizabeth partnered with three like-minded women to start Fast Forward-  a collective that is involved in documenting the current  global youth quake.  Their first photo book YOUTH, showcasing 15 emerging global talents, will be out in march and will be followed by an art show of the same name in Russia.  In addition Elizabeth also serves as special projects director for Out of Order magazine. Read on for a peek into the life and style of Elizabeth Gilpin.

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Girl Band’s Loose Power | Iconic Style and How to Get It

It doesn’t matter if you can sing, or even if you like their music to be honest.  Get in touch with your creative soul vibing with girl bands and their iconic style.  Loose power is the buzzword and we all want it now thanks to Lena Dunham, Hedi Slimane, and of course, Kate Moss.  No one will look at you sideways while rocking these looks, but you may garner overexcited groupies, so beware.   Tall boots, eyeliner, lots of black, white, red, midnight blue, leopard or mixed vintage prints, plenty of swagger, and most importantly–a big tender heart–will get you there.

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How To Shop and Dress Like A Fashion Editor|Closet Climbing



Fashion editors do their research.  With every day, all day devoted to knowing who and what is up next on the fashion circuit, shopping and making smart choices is second nature.  Now that you’re here, I’ll share the process.  I begin by studying the shows like it’s the final exam of my life.  I carefully dissect trends while simultaneously puzzling them together through historical cues, art world references, musical tastes, cultural tribes and most importantly–body type.

After all the season’s intel is downloaded into my psyche; colors, shapes, textures and accessories easily fall into categorizations making it clear which looks would be the emperor’s new clothes in my case–and I avoid those.  Instead, I shop for key pieces that make a real difference.  A fantastic coat or jacket, a killer yet comfortable shoe, a go-to special event dress or new handbag.

To decide where to spend,  I think back to last spring and recall my woes, resolute to solve them first this time around.  Here’s a tip:  buy early in the season,  knowing that sale items are often  left behind for a good reason.   Once you have your well thought out prize in hand, you’ll be satisfied, spending less as a result, saving both time and money in the long run.   I make firm decisions focusing on what will make me happiest, investing in those specific items–the kingpins–followed by a gleeful closet edit based on the new season’s highest expectations.  Closet climbing, I would say.

Beyond my new and collected “investment” items, everything else is interchangeable style-wise–great new denim choices, flattering skirt shapes, cashmere sweaters, layering t-shirts, sporty wear, scarves and other accessories to add warmth or texture.  Et Voila!  Stylish, easy dressing with impact, plus timeless elegance, a.k.a. personal style.

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