How To Dress Like Indie California Dreamers


You don’t have to be from California or even the west coast to enjoy a free spirited, dreamy look with pastel colors, soft edges and quirky creativity.  Lovers of yoga, farm-to-table goodness and all things esoteric unite this season as the look is more seductive than a ripe mango.  Radiating sensuality, dreamy California girls are a veritable fashion oasis in an otherwise harsh world.   I see ever more European designers emulating the Cali vibe [Isabel Marant, Pheobe Philo, Saint Laurent, Chloe, Stella McCartney] which feels like a movement toward personal freedom in bold strokes.  Their sophisticated embrace of Mother Earth is deftly combined with acceptance of urban realities–full circle fashion for a new era of liberation.

To freshen up your wardrobe with an infusion of ocean breeze, start with soft fabrics, a loose-but-still-revealing fit, and a touch of ethereal madness.  Metallic, pastel, denim, white and cotton are touchstones; natural hair and skin a must.  Accessories become contemporary art statements elevated beyond status symbols into the realm of inspired communication.  Conversation starter or tribe markers, they are logo free coming from a heartfelt place.  Think Pamela Love jewels and Lee Savage clutches.  Dree Hemmingway and Elle Fanning are today’s poster girls but blondness is not what defines the look.  In fact, there is no one physical attribute that excludes anyone from this expression–all are welcome.  Find your fashion voice (and the uniqueness of you) by stripping away masks.  Focus on authenticity without relinquishing fantasy, while stepping forward to share your inimitable self.  California dreamin’ at it’s finest.

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