How To Shop and Dress Like A Fashion Editor|Closet Climbing



Fashion editors do their research.  With every day, all day devoted to knowing who and what is up next on the fashion circuit, shopping and making smart choices is second nature.  Now that you’re here, I’ll share the process.  I begin by studying the shows like it’s the final exam of my life.  I carefully dissect trends while simultaneously puzzling them together through historical cues, art world references, musical tastes, cultural tribes and most importantly–body type.

After all the season’s intel is downloaded into my psyche; colors, shapes, textures and accessories easily fall into categorizations making it clear which looks would be the emperor’s new clothes in my case–and I avoid those.  Instead, I shop for key pieces that make a real difference.  A fantastic coat or jacket, a killer yet comfortable shoe, a go-to special event dress or new handbag.

To decide where to spend,  I think back to last spring and recall my woes, resolute to solve them first this time around.  Here’s a tip:  buy early in the season,  knowing that sale items are often  left behind for a good reason.   Once you have your well thought out prize in hand, you’ll be satisfied, spending less as a result, saving both time and money in the long run.   I make firm decisions focusing on what will make me happiest, investing in those specific items–the kingpins–followed by a gleeful closet edit based on the new season’s highest expectations.  Closet climbing, I would say.

Beyond my new and collected “investment” items, everything else is interchangeable style-wise–great new denim choices, flattering skirt shapes, cashmere sweaters, layering t-shirts, sporty wear, scarves and other accessories to add warmth or texture.  Et Voila!  Stylish, easy dressing with impact, plus timeless elegance, a.k.a. personal style.

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